• Apr022017

    Expedition # 2 Romantic | Coolhaveneiland

    The 1st of April, an expedition along Rotterdam’s city culture and the local communities. First an introduction of Willem de Kam about his photo’s of pubs, hairdressers and bingo nights, then…

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  • Mar272017

    Expedition #1 Gentrification | Oude Westen

    On 25th of March, the first of the five expeditions which OMI presents during the exhibition ‘Rotterdam, A Changing City’ took place. With the introduction of documentary photographer Geisje van der…

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  • Mar082017
    Peter de Krom

    Rotterdam A Changing City

    On 8th of March, there is the opening of the new exhibition ‘Rotterdam A Changing City’ at OMI. OMI and Vers Beton present a unique perspective on Rotterdam, the contemporary city through the…

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  • Feb212017

    Short Talks Long Drinks #5

    Interested in 20th century post-war cities? Modernism, Manchester & Music?  OMI is pleased to welcome Jack Hale and Eddy Rhead, the founders of Manchester Modernist Society and The Modernist magazine.…

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  • Dec162016

    OMI on field trip: Dessau

    December 2016, OMI had the opportunity to visit Bauhaus, Masters’ Houses and Torten Estate in Dessau, with a group of architecture enthusiasts.      

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  • Oct102016

    [modern] von post-modern

    Opening of the exhibition ‘modern von post-modern’ with short talks and long drinks, Wednesday October 12th, 17:00. OMI offers a new perspective on modernism in Rotterdam. Contemporary cut-and-paste professionals ‘Post-Modern’ present collages that…

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