• Mar272017

    Expedition #1 Gentrification | Oude Westen

    On 25th of March, the first of the five expeditions which OMI presents during the exhibition ‘Rotterdam, A Changing City’ took place. With the introduction of documentary photographer Geisje van der…

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  • Mar082017
    Peter de Krom

    Rotterdam A Changing City

    On 8th of March, there is the opening of the new exhibition ‘Rotterdam A Changing City’ at OMI. OMI and Vers Beton present a unique perspective on Rotterdam, the contemporary city through the…

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  • Feb212017

    Short Talks Long Drinks #5

    Interested in 20th century post-war cities? Modernism, Manchester & Music?  OMI is pleased to welcome Jack Hale and Eddy Rhead, the founders of Manchester Modernist Society and The Modernist magazine.…

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  • Dec162016

    OMI on field trip: Dessau

    December 2016, OMI had the opportunity to visit Bauhaus, Masters’ Houses and Torten Estate in Dessau, with a group of architecture enthusiasts.      

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  • Oct102016

    [modern] von post-modern

    Opening of the exhibition ‘modern von post-modern’ with short talks and long drinks, Wednesday October 12th, 17:00. OMI offers a new perspective on modernism in Rotterdam. Contemporary cut-and-paste professionals ‘Post-Modern’ present collages that…

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  • Oct012016

    Ford House

    De Kiefhoek housing estate is a highlight of the Modern Movement. The houses were extremely functional, with smart architectural interventions maximizing domestic comfort on just 61 m2. Architect J.J.P. Oud…

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