OMI is a center for the city, with an information desk, exhibition space, bookshop and an extensive excursion programme. Rotterdam’s architecture is placed in a new perspective with special itineraries, photos, postcards, maps and more.

Information Desk

OMI is packed with city information for the urban travellers visiting Rotterdam. A wide spectrum of information about the city’s culture; from its world-wide known icons to the city’s hidden gems. With maps, guides and the ease of renting a bike at location, you can explore the city at its best.

Spatial Installation

OMI offers an exhibition place that presents changing urban themes. Each installation is specifically made for OMI and encircled with a thematic programme of tours and events, connecting architecture, art and traveling.

Photo Gallery

Photo’s at OMI show the city as never seen before. The main attractions, architecture highlights and urban spots are alternated in large scale images. It gives a different view at the city, before or after visiting them in realtime.


In OMI there is an array of books and city guides specially selected for the urban travellers of Rotterdam. This selection is made from the extensive collection of the renowned NAi Booksellers that houses in Het Nieuwe Instituut since 1993.

Coffee Corner

In OMI, while you are wandering around the exhibition, browsing through the books or waiting for your excursion, you can enjoy a cup of our freshly brewed Evermore coffee. Or Tea?

About OMI

OMI is an initiative of UrbanGuides, Perplekcity and Ossip Architecture Photography. These organisations offer city explorations, urban planning and photography combined in one place. OMI also offers space for partners to create and present new city programs.